Business process improvement
Our executive team and associates have success fully managed business improvement projects for 3rd parties or with their previous employers. Examples include :

Business unit integration EU / US / China for large chemicals & paint company
Lead integration of a more customer oriented business unit with business and manufacturing facilities in Europe, China and the US, into an existing business group. The project included definition of the project, creation of the project plan, leadership of the detailed integration analysis and execution of the global implementation, including change management and coordination of the IT-supplier for integration of the business unit into the existing SAP environment of the business group. The project was delivered on time against the agreed deadline. 
Centralization in leading European retail paint company
Driven by more pan European customers and suppliers and the desire for more central control of the European retail business, a high level analysis was done to implement a centralized business and trading model. Based upon this analysis a centralized business model was implemented covering centralization of sales at one location and turning manufacturing facilities into tolling entities for the principal. Change management to bring the existing organization into a central organization model, coordination of legal and tax consequences and ensuring required changes in the SAP IT environment were key activities to facilitate the new model.
Harmonized planning & sales processes for global food and personal care company
Support business management teams of (multi) country organizations in of the company in Europe to analyze impact of implementing a new developed trade promotion and planning process and tools. Subsequently coordinate implementation of these processes and new systems into its organization. Facilitate detailed analyses of the expected change in processes, organization and systems, identify critical implementation items for the countries; providing improvements into the developed trade promotion and planning processes and systems; coordinate business input towards IT implementation partner to secure the balance between desire to harmonize processes and systems and business critical differences in the markets where the country organizations are operating. 

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