Crisis Management
Our executive team and associates have successfully managed crisis management projects for 3rd parties or with their previous employers. Examples include:
Turn-around of daughter company in Germany of Japanese forklift company
​Replacing temporay the CEO of German forklift company with focus to strengthen management team and create turn around in financial results. Change management effort to create awareness of situation within the whole organsiation that turn around is necessary but also possible with the right focus and willingness to change. Change in market approach (core regions ti support directly and dealer network for other regions) to strenghten sales and service support effort and regain trust of (potential) customers and dealers.

Turn-around of a distressed Czech chemical producer 
Within a year taking a company from technical insolvency, unable to meet commitments to banks and suppliers, to an agreed rescue plan with these same banks and shareholders. This rescue plan included all thinkable actions to reduce costs and create cash like staff reductions and the sale of assets, with a subsequent strategic plan to regain sustainability of the company and provide a forward plan of actions. Although this plan is still in execution, all signals are showing green and plans are on track to achieve the objectives set.
EMEA region restructuring
Reorganization of business and function organization, significant SGA and manufacturing costs reduction, implementation management of change, ROIC turnaround from significantly loss-making into cost of capital+.
Manage controlled chapter 11 situation of navigation card producer
Hit by the burst of the internet bubble, the company had to file for chapter 11. Together with the administrator a survival plan was created and a special effort was made to keep the workforce in several European and Indian companies dedicated to work, as such keeping the chance of a restart possible. The survival plan included a hive-off for the healthy parts of the business, involvement of a new financial partner and a restructuring the existing shares and convertible bond structure. The company is still listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange.

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