Post M&A integration
Our executive team and associates have successfully managed post M&A integration projects for 3rd parties or with their previous employers. Examples include :
Integration of Japanese forklift companies into 1 integrated new company in The Netherlands and Belgium
Leading on request of European headquarters as interim CEO an intergation of an acquisition in the forklift industry with businesses in The Netherlands and Belgium. Creating1 new management team with focus on integration of the combined organisations, business processes and IT platform and systems. Significant change management challenge due to total different culture and business models and lack of integration willingness at management level. Turn around achieved via focus on integration by offering the hand to the otherside and build business case to show huge oppertunities in the combined organsiations. Closing the full integration with IT ERP implementation towards 1 single ERp system and supported IT systems.   

‚ÄčTurn around and improvement of chemical business company acquired by private equity firm
‚ÄčLeading as CEO and chairman of the supervisory board, a significant improvement and trun around process of global mid-cap chemical company with objective to create strong market leader in its segment with strong financial and customer basis. All with objective to make the company ready for the next step in development towords new acquisitions or sale. 

Integration of German resins producer into global chemical company
Implement acquisition rationale based on market, operations, R&D and administration synergies. Market synergies focused on pricing policies, specialty/commodity alignment of combined product portfolio and sales force optimization. Significant operational improvement was achieved through global network optimization and plant closure. R&D was centralized in the heritage company while using key resources from the acquired company to result in highly effective innovation performance. One of the largest synergies resulted from aligning administration and achieving maximum efficiency in back-office activities.  
Carve out BU from functional organization
First step in a global chemicals company to separately run and possibly divest one of their Business Units. The BU was defined, a P&L built around it based on all direct and indirect resources that are required for operations, and a Business strategy proposed together with an organization to deliver the strategic objectives that were set. The P&L structure was put in place enabling more focus on the Business profitability and growth, the BU-organization was only partly implemented.    
Worldwide group restructuring
Developed and implemented a business organization & corporate level strategy, developed and executed plans to significantly reduce cost and complexity :
  • Decreased the number of ‘acquired’ manufacturing sites from 35 to 23,
  • Consolidated the U.S. adhesives & coatings R&D
  • Significantly reduced SGA and manufacturing cost
  • Integrated all business processes and implemented SAP R/3 globally
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