IBTM Group helps process industry clients, e.g. in Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Petroleum & Base Metals, manage the transformation process in their companies or in parts thereof in case of a crisis, post M&A or regular Business turn-around.

We do this with highly experienced people that start their assessment and activities the minute they walk into your company. They will deliver results, implement the required changes and bring your company and people to a higher level.

Building on experiences in predecessor companies with major European clients and with our industry focus and problem area focus, we offer innovative tool-sets that enable well-structured, efficient en successful project execution.

IBTM Group was founded in 2010 by three senior executives from the chemical and associated industries with extensive general, diversely functional, consulting and project management experience.

Our name …..stands for "Industrial Business Transformation Management Group" and supports :
  • our focus on what we do (Transformation) 
  • where we do what we do (in Industrial Businesses) 
  • how we achieve results, through direct Management of projects
  • together with a GROUP of closely linked associates.