Based on the client’s wishes we define the project, always starting with a quick and thorough due diligence step to support clear and agreed project objectives and milestones. In the case of an M&A project this due diligence activity focuses on commercial and operational aspects as basis for the improvement plans.

Subsequently we engage with management teams in your organization to define holistic improvement plans based on a few of our basic beliefs and aggressive but realistic milestones for your approval.

With that approval we start implementation across the impacted organization together with your respective management teams. We can take an active role leading these management teams, participating in them or actively supporting them.
Our extensive experience in the industry will help us analyse, plan and execute all of these phases while keeping an objective eye on how your organization adjusts to and manages the different situations that arise. The feedback during the post-project appraisal enables you to enhance the effectiveness of your organization in future projects.  

"The only thing certain is change"
This true statement makes good “management of change" skills imperative. All people on our team have successfully managed multiple significant change and transformation projects and processes, both at their previous employers and third party companies and are therefore perfectly positioned to lead change at your company.