Post M&A integration
IBTM Group provides a structured approach to identify and quantify opportunities and integration challenges resulting from a merger or acquisition upfront and actually achieve the required and planned benefits and efficiencies of a merger or acquisition. The true partnership we aspire with our clients starts with the due diligence process and is based on joint ownership and accountability from day 1.

Achieve integration into one single business focus and process alignment:
  • Identify potential for improvement of critical business processes and outline organizational efficiency improvements (like shared services)
  • Strategic alignment for new merged/integrated company and leadership selection
  • Identify the operational and business improvements of the new combined company
  • Implement defined harmonized processes into 1 process and organization to deliver the expected and planned benefits
Focus areas :
  • Production network optimization
  • Sales & marketing strategy
  • Administration optimization
  • Procurement strategy
  • Working Capital optimization
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